#1 secret to texting a girl is simply use the right words and don’t be boring…

Right now as you read this article there are about 23 billion SMS messages being send around the world. A good majority of these are from guys and are being send to girls they like.

Why do you care about that?…

Because we are living in the 21 century and if you are not using texting properly then you are seriously missing a trick my friend.

Now let me make one thing very clear I am not talking about Sexting or sending D**K Pics  or anything creepy like that. I am talking about making small tweaks to the text messages that you are probably already sending her.

Texting a girl is an art form  and most guys get it soooo worng. chances are you this has happened to you in the past and maybe you have justified it by saying she was never all that into you, she didn’t like you because of that one this you hate about your appearance, but chances are no one else even notices  or for some other reason. but if you think about it chances are things started to go wrong just after that first text.

So why are you texting in the first place?…

chances are its for one of the following reasons:

1) because you are trying to develope a connection between you and her.
2) Because you want to stay intocuh with  her.
3) Because you want to bring your relationship with her to the point where you can start flirting.

Are you making these killer texting mistakes?

So we get into what you should be doing, I first want to talk about the killer mistaks  that you should be avoiding. These mistakes are so deadly chances are committing just of them once will totally kill your chances with her.

Killer  Texting Mistake #1 sending Meaningless Shit: sending meaningless messages like “hi” or “hows it going” or “what’s up” are boring and whats worse chances are everyone else is doing the excat same thing…so why would she respond to you?

Killer Texting Mistake #2 Texting Too often: If you are sending her a message every hour, or even less then take my word for it you are trying too hard. You see if she know that she is going to be getting yet annother message from you shortly she will never be waiting for that message, frankly you may even be pissing her off.

Killer Texting Mistake #3 Trying to have a long conversation over text: Text messages were never really designed to hold a long conversation, you should try to meet for a really deep and meaningful at the very least you should carry such conversations in a phone call.

Every message you send to her should be fun and flirtatious. Try not to send  messages that don’t compliment your personallity… that said don’t give out too much about yourself, because you want to keep some mystery.

Remember Every woman want a man that she will enjoy spending time with, so starting your relationship with boring text messages, most of which she will never so much as read is a really bad idea.

So we have spoken about what you should not be doing, let’s now talk about about what you should be doing. these are the golden rules of text messaging.

Golden Rule 1 Add Value: Every message you send to her must add value, if not there is no point in sending it in the first place. so what do I mean by add value? Well put simply a text message is adding value if she dosn’t have to respond to it but would want to.

for example  insead of just saying “hi” or “Hello”  you could say something like this.

“I was at wrok and some reason you popped into my head, so just though I would say Hi”

Why is that any better than just saying Hi Well firstly it gives he desire to reply because you are being nice, even though you are at work you though about her and wanted to say hi.

Golden Rule #2 Short Message are better: If you are always writing long messages, then chances are you are giving away too much and frankly texting your self into the friends zone. Think of your text messages like a movie trailer… always leave her wanting more.

To Sum up what I have said in this article.  remember you don’t have to answer every question she send you, always try to be flirting, be unpredictable, leave the sweetest moment for you face to face meetings. and what every you do DON’T BE BORING.

I’m gonna level with you I have give you some great content in this article, but if you want a full texting blueprint then you should check out this Video By my good friend Bobby Rio, but hurry as he’s planning to take it down very soon.

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