Robert Fox May 14, 2018

Yo dude… 

Welcom to dating help for men… I know you are going to love this websit as I am going to share some of the top dating tips that the dating gurus don’t want you to know. 

Who am I and why would you listen to me? 

Hi I’m Rob Fox and my friends think of me as something of a dating expert… I don’t know about that really, sure I regularly date women who, some would say are way out of my leauge, but really i’m just an ordinry guy like you who through nessity, more than anything has learned a few techniques that give me a slight advantage.

The one thing I am not is one of those dating gurus who just love to brag about how they talk to a woman for like 5 seconds and bam their in bed with her… do you really believe those guys?… 

So why listen to me then? 

Like any good Chick Flick my tale starts with heartbreak… I mean real heart brake I had just come out of a 6 year relationship with Hollie… the love of my life… The Girl of my dreams the one that everyone though I was gonna Marry and have 30 kids with. that was …till it  turned sower!

I don’t really want to talk about what happened here so let’s our epic love just fell apart around us and before long it was obvious to both of us that we were just hurting each other and that it would never work. 

That was seven years ago now and this story is not about Hollie so lets move on. 

speaking of moving on that was just what I did … well kind of…  I did the thing you know the thing we guys do after a beakup where we pretend we’re find, whilst really were dieing inside. 

Three months had passed and there is no other way to say it… it was time to get back on the horse… but there was a problem before Hollie I had only had one relationship, if you can even call it that she was called Chloe and she was a very close Freind with benifits at College (we were never realy an item or anything) and she did most of the chasing in that relationship. As for the relationship with Hollie that just kind of happen, we were friends for a long time and just grew closer together. put simply when it came to dating I was f***ing clueless! 

So what do you do when you in this situation… ask you frined of course and they gave me some “great advice”… just get yourself out there your a good catch theres plenty of girls who would love to date you. I say great advice ironically because it was actually the worst advice I have ever recieved. 

What get your self out there roughly translates to is… stand on your own in bar every friday and saturday   for the next 6 weeks, maybe have a few pointless conversations with fat or ugly girls and get hit on by one girly who is not bad looking but so drunk she can’t even remember her name. 

just “getting your self out there didn’t work for me, chances are unless your brad pit it won’t work for you either”. 

My next “go to” was Dr. Google  result 10,000 website all from self proclaimed experts selling over priced courses that basically told you one thing… girl like a bad boy so be an arsehole… a word of advice … dont do that …really don’t. 

I nearly gave up ther and then and joined a monistry… I though my dating life was over. 

One day I was reading a psychology text book, I really wan’t even thing about dating. I was focused on the take in hand… when something jumped off the page at me, Now I don’t have the time to explain excatly what that was here, that’s a subject for a future article,  but in short it highlighted a few tiny tweaks that one can make to things we do every day that make you more attractive. 

Now look let me tell you this wasn’t one of the things the gurus were charing way over the odds for. it had nothing to do with… crindge worth pickup lines, pretentind to be a arsehole,  routines or perfoming party trick like a performing monkey.  Really it was just a small tweak things that you and I and everyone does every single day. 

So why should you be listening to me… well I am not a guru and I don’t have a book or course to sell you. and I’m not likely to be creating one any time soon i am way too busy working, having fun and living a life to get involved with any of that. But more importantly it means that I am here becuase I want to help you, so I am going to be telling things like they are you may not always like that but it’s just the way I am. 

Why did I create dating help for men

Well the most important reason is I have been there and done that… and believe me I know it’s no fun so the main reason I created this stie  is to help guys who are like I was finally start getting more and better quality dates. I would also love to see a couple of weddings  as a result of the advice on this site. 

My passion my goals 

Okay so my golas are  simple  to provide knock out content aimed at guys who are struggling  with getting this dating thing down, I really want to here your success stories. 

i’m always here so … If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Robert Fox

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