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Hay Guys… Rob Fox here

So have you ever met a girl and things were clearly going great you get her number and start sending each other text messages but for some reason you never get her to go out with you and over time her resposnes get more and more cold and it’s clear that she is losing intrest.

What went wrong?…

It seems like everything was going great she gave you her number… you were texting back and forth and then something weird happend.  in just a few minutes I am going to tell you the story of how that happened to me with a girl called Britney and how I truned her from Sub zero to  inviting me over to her palce for dinner., not that i’m bragging or anything.

You see texting is a big myster for most of us and more than half the time we get it dead wrong, the girl loses intrest and eventually we move on. I mean it’s like some kind of secret lanugange or some thing right Girls speak it but we don’t… it’s confusing to us.

4 Common Mistakes guys make when texting a girl


Being Overly or inappropriatly sexual:

Now don’t get me wrong there is a time and a place to be sending Sexual text messages, but you should be really careful because doing it to soon will make her run for the hills. For a could of reason:

1) she may think your a rapist or a seiral killer… okay maybe that a bit exagerated but let’s face fats women are naturally suspicious about men and with good reason sending sexaul text messages too soon will just scare here away.

2) She may actually be offended … no woman wants to be though of as easy and flatly refuse to be perceived that way.

So until you are sure you have build up enough trust in the relationship make sure you keep in clean.

Using Uiltamatums:

Girls are usually more guilt of this one than men but I have know guys to do and it never end’s well when I say ultimatus I am talking about things like:…

Text me Back or it’s over!… 

Fair enough … Not really something you want to recieve when your going about you day. When I get a message like and I do I usually think do I need this drama in my life maybe I won’t text her back and it will be better for all of us. it’s never a good idea to send ulitmatus for one you may not like the answer and for two it’s just bullish and unnessarry.

Where is our relationship going?… 

I fell like you don’t care

Am I the only one working on this relationship?

I don’t like you having so many male friends

I don’t want to play games any more

Sending any one of these will more than likely  not end well so you have been warned. 


Coming accross as aggressive or cocky:

Sometimes it’s okay to be an arsehole in a funny ironic way as long as she know what you are doing, chance are she will paly along. but there is a big difference between that and actually coming accross as a femine hygine product or the bag that comes with it.

Beeing Too nice or needy:

Going the other way and being too nice or needy can just as easily kill your chances. This is a message log between my friend Mike and a girl called Jessica bare in mind he had just met her the night before, these messages were sent at like 8 in the morning.

Let’s have a proper look at this

The first message was fine… maybe not very intresting but not a problem he got an answer.

The big mistake he made in the second message was calling her Fit, sure she was flatter but probably also a little repulsed and creeped out.

From there one it just goes from bad to worse  he say’s he loves he… the met like maybe 12  hours ago WTF. And the dinner invite sweet but frankly over the top considering he just met her… the typo’s may not have helped either.

She didn’t reply … I wounder why maybe she was washing her hair.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that you should be a dick, that get’s you nowhere either but this is way to nice and needy.

What Should you be texting?

So About we talked quite a lot about what you should not be sending in Text messages to girls you like…so what should you be sending.

Golrified Gosip…  Okay I bet you’ve watched Jermy Kyle or if you from the USA probably Jerry Springer, at least once in the past year am I right?… and even if you think it’s trash TV I bet you still enjoyed the up down and dramas of the show why?… Because you and everyone else in the world are intrigued by the crazy rollercoster or other peoples lives. This is why  Sharimg some Drama (Gossip) about your own life of the lives of your friends and families can be a great way to keep a conversation from getting boring. Any thing with Strange twists, dates gone wrong, Sex, Drugs / Alchohal are all worthy topics for glorified gosip.

Random but intresting Stuff…  Let be honest most girls get inundates by guys sending them JUNK text messages guess they are bord as hell and don’t want to be the one putting in all the work to entertain  you.  It for you to bring up a compelling topic . Something Silly that’s emotionally stimulation and out of the ordinary or  a topic she could weigh in on are all great options… the thing you never want to do is just text What’s  Up or Hi.

Funny Pictures …  Chances are you have a smart phone right  there are 2 great things about a smart phone 1) you can communicate instantly, imagin doing this through the post and 2) you can access the interent   and downlonad all kinds of funny and goofy gtuff. like Memes, Funny cat picutes  and any other stuff that’s out there online.


From Sub Zero to Dinner in just 4 Messages

You read that right just 4 messages.and a girl who could only of been discribed a few days before as an Ice Queen was inviting me to her place for dinner… did I go… hell yes… was it a great nignht hell yes!

So  did that message work so well then?…

Well firstly it stood out from the crowd… everyone just says hi or how’s thing this message baited a response becuase she wanted to know what the heck I was talking about.

Secondly it was pretty damn funny … really who has a weekend like that besides it was sent on a Monday so already missed the mad weekend I had planed.

Thridly even though she knew it wasn’t real it drew a picture in her mind of an adventure like a good action movie.

As much as I would love to say that I masterminded this message my self I really can’t… As I say a lot I take credit for the syndication not always the content.

I slightly Adjusted this message from one of the may supplied by a guy called Bobby Rio in a Program he Calls magentic messiging. Don’t worry the guys not one of those  so called dating gurus of PUMAs who sell over priced products that don;’t work. He’s genuine , honest and really knows his stuff so why not check out my review of his really cool new products Magnetic Messiging to get 100’s of messages that all work as well or better than the one above.

So Get Texting… And Have Fun

Okay So in this article I have gone over why texting is a good way to communicate with girls, what never to send and why you should be sending if you want a response… I then showed you one of the text that I use quite a bit in action and just how well it work on one particular girl.

i’m always here so … If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Robert Fox





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